American Pie – Observing The Fast

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Published on: July 20, 2014

American Pie – Observing The Fast

Hello my invisible other…long time no see my dear…your imaginary mind companion has been observing the fast of Ramadhan…its twenty days into the one month of human sacrifice…eighteen hours of being nil by mouth…depriving the mortal shell the pleasures of this world with the greatest intention to nourish the starving soul…trust me my dear…pangs of hunger are enough to send the soul on a feeding frenzy…Ramadhan A Month Of Hunger And Blood Thirst…American Pie – Observing The Fast


A month of restraint and patience rejuvenates the soul’s batteries…recharging the souls energy levels until faith is restored…renewed…strengthened enough so your heart will not lose hope in the despair of this world…designated hours I’ve spent feasting my eyes on words of The Lord Of The Worlds


the darkest hour before sunrise until the sun was firmly set in the sky…my heart…soul and mind was out of this world spent in the company of time…an expedition that has left me with little or no imagination to call my own…


the truth will always seem far-fetched from a fantasy worlds perspective…fortunate for you and I The Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that’s in between is…The All Knowing…The All Seeing…everything there is to know concerning a human being is written in a clear text…


american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie 

Is this the real world or is it just fantasy…my heart’s steadfast based on The Last And Final Testament…a mercy for mankind…my soul beckons towards its guiding light…like a ship lost at sea would look to the stars for safety…


how many hearts in this world truly soul search…dive into the inner depths of their being to find oneself…enter into their own subconscious until the soul becomes fully aware of the subliminal world it’s been residing in…


bringing every fear out into the open freeing your heart from every false hope…every shattered dream…every broken promise…myth and fairy tales becomes non-fiction based on the devils predictions…

space-art-universe_440766-001 if the soul and heart reunites in this life…the subconscious becomes a non reality…your mind becomes fully awoken into a state of God consciousness…being unaware of your actions or none the wiser to the reality of why you make certain decisions concerning the life you’re living…becomes non-existent its replaced with a realisation that can’t be denied…

verses from the Qur'an

american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie 

every responsibility will be called your own based on your intentions followed through by your actions…every sin…every wrong doing…every injustice…every second spent idly…hangs around the neck of your own soul weighing it down until it deserves no more than the dusty ground where the mortal shell will one day return…


planet earth a foolish man’s paradise…the soul will never be content in this world if the heart remains in ignorant bliss…building false hopes and dreams on flimsy unsubstantial things..

spiders web-Islam

like that of a spider’s webs which are broken by a thousand chance attacks…destroyed by wind or weather or the actions of animals or human beings…if the heart cannot fully grasp its own good…


how will it ever see the good in others…if the heart seeks other than The Opener it will remain blind to wander aimlessly until it becomes entangled in the snares of the devil…entombed in a cocoon like an Egyptian mummy…embalming the souls past and present resulting in a spiritual death…


american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie

the mortal shell decomposes slowly from within until the rotten corpse becomes consumed…Alas! death is a spiritual wakening every soul that was sleeping in this world will live to regret…in reality that’s the only thing that will follow you from this life into the next…


hope will become a thing of the past it will bear no substance in the next world…The Qur’an is the only book in the world to talk of future events regarding you and I and every other soul who walked upon planet earth…


The Hereafter in the minds of beings who regard this life as a one time event is in for a major shock my imaginary friend…the souls who have become comatose will mock and take much joy in fooling themselves in this world…death will be the end of their feeble existence…now the real journey begins


only a blind man would ask…why waste your life walking upon a path that is shrouded in pain and misery…heart ache and suffering…tears of joy are barely shed…the heart is in a constant state of grief when it looks outside of its own infrastructure for peace…


the path to paradise my invisible other is drenched in blood…tears and sweat…enjoyment…comfort…and serenity looks far and few between…an uphill struggle emerges the heart…mind and soul into a reality that haunts the soul every time you close your eyes…

American Pie - Observing The Fast

after a long day of hunger and thirst…self restraint…seeking understanding of the woes of this world…eighteen hours constantly from the silence of my mind…remembering Allah’s mercy…asking questions then begging for forgiveness when the answers are right before my very eyes…


american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie

turning a blind eye is every human beings right…but please don’t blame God for your own inability to see reality…the last twenty minutes of my fast was spent in preparing the food now placed on the table awaiting for the call to prayer…giving my mortal shell the permission to quench its thirst and rejoice in the blessings bestowed upon my soul…


you can feel the coolness of the water replenishing your veins like the dry earth after drinking the rain…the time zone instantly reverts back to fly by…your human faculties turns on the water works now your kidneys and other bodily organs are aroused from their state of slumber…

A refection of time

your mortal shell dependent upon the favours of its Lord is evident…without The Sustainer’s provisions human beings would die of hunger and thirst…without the gifts of eye sight and hearing the human being would remain in darkness…


in times of health the matters of the world does not affect the soul who is free from hurt…in times of extreme need the soul automatically knows who to turn to…and yet when strength is restored the soul looks towards its own ego for applause…an elevation of self gratification…


After the sun had set and the fourth prayer of the day was complete…I turned on the news to catch up with the head lies…to be honest the only news channel I watch is RT…if you want to get closer to the truth you have to listen to the point of view of the enemies…enemy…the video below belongs to me…in 2008 I felt the same misery


 YouTube Preview Image


BREAKING NEWS…at the time of Iftar when all the Muslims who had observed the fast was taking a bite of their first date of the day…bombs rained down from the sky…


turning people’s homes to rumble crushing all family members into the earth shattering ground…


the look of horror on the faces of a now motherless child…felt like a punch in the guts from shaytan welcome to the real world…silent screams ripped through the core of my very being…could you imagine if it was our own siblings or relatives who had been blown to smithereens…your heart would feel like it was being put through a mincer…


the food and drink comfortably nestled in my stomach wanted to be regurgitated as the sickly feeling my soul was experiencing brought the reality home…my heart…no choice but to take on board the pain and suffering of the innocent that laid broken and limbless…torn to pieces no longer a contender of this world…


american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie

my soul felt asphyxiated…my heart was wedged inside my wind pipe trying to escape the hurt of another human being whose suffering…excoriating to say the least…for sure my dear I renounce any form of oppression against innocent human beings…whether or not you believe you are the chosen people…I’m hell bent on disputing this claim of superiority


The life of a Muslim has been blown out of context…the only right another human being has to judge another soul is when they know all the facts through their own understanding without the reliance of the media and all its propaganda…regardless of which news channel you choose to tune into…


can you base a sound judgement according to another’s portrayal of understanding…or indeed what the messenger of news wants you to believe…I agree to an certain extent…the images of shock…horror and despair speaks for themselves…


american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie

the camera that caught these images will find it impossible to lie…as for the speech of tongue it can be twisted to suit the interests of the brotherhood…Claiming to put their trust in God…then handing over billions to support the followers of the anti christ…no more than the devils progeny…Oh ye generation of Vipers…a nation of serpents…isn’t that what Jesus once said concerning the fake Jews


putting forward an illusion of justification that doesn’t sit well with a jury made up of lame individuals who can see right through the smoke screen…The siege on Gaza is all in the name of peace keeping…


american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie

to save the lives of their own citizens from death and destruction…the price to pay is minimum where the Palestine’s blood lines are concerned…teaching the people of an occupied dominion…this is what happens when your people unites from under the thumb of the devil…


the reality is the Israel’s fear nothing more than unification…unity would put an end to this massacre…the only way to master complete control of the underdog is to tear apart their hearts and minds stripping them of their will to fight for their God given rights…


every human being has the right to live in peace regardless of their faith…their opinions…their beliefs…when the Pharaohs of this world take their positions upon the thrones of man made rule…the truth becomes the enemy…


american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie

the servants of God are the only people who will stand up in the face of the austerity…the devil wants dust to dust…I’m here to remind him…ashes to ashes…an eye for an I


making slaves out of men to worship them or swallow their poisonous gases…why indeed my invisible other…in reality they are not at war with the Palestinians…They are at war with Allah…this concerns each and every one of us


if the spirit cannot be broken and refuses to comply…the righteous will be wiped off the face of the earth as a token to the rest of world to take heed…do not fear or put your trust in God…fear my military power otherwise you will be nuked to kingdom come…the reality is my invisible other…they have no power of their own…nothing but smoke and mirrors


the devil himself agrees with me after all he taught them the ways of the Magi…the will power of less than a man is supplying him with all the free will he needs to do so as he pleases…ill gotten greed…Mammon is a joke…


I must admit the devil makes me chuckle…Allah has the power over all things…including the devil himself…how dumb can you get…I would never call the three monkeys wise men


I know who I want to be taking care my strings in this world of scissors and guillotines…the devil is powerless against The All Wise…everything has an appointed time


Many souls alive today could well ask…Where is Allah…

First and foremost I would like you to know…whatever is taking place around the world is Allah’s universal plan which will run its course until the Judgement day when all wrongs will be made right according to His infinite wisdom…


1400 years ago what’s taking place has already been prophesied…Whether it be first hand spoken directly from God to man through The Last And Final Testament or passed on through inspiration to the Messagers of God…


american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie

whether it be Moses…Jesus or the last and final Prophet Mohammed may the peace and blessings of Allah be on all of them…the fact of the matter is those who have not read the Qur’an will be left in the dark as to why all that’s happening in the world is indeed taking place…and why you have no purpose in this life


why…how and what the outcome will be is already foretold in the Criterion of right and wrong…you see my invisible other the chances of the devil overlooking the contents of the Qur’an is next to none…every goodness leading to righteousness in this world has been flipped on its head…by way of reverse psychology


the only way to fully understand what’s happening in today’s world is if you have a comparison against evil…now the last thing the devil wants man to know is the truth of all realities…first and foremost the existence of the One Eternal Reality Allah…


if man can be left in the dark the devils existence also falls under disbelief…how many souls today believe in the devil…or should I say know him personally…only the souls that worship him and the souls who class him to be an open enemy…the souls who practice Kufr are amongst those who knows the truth but chooses to keep it undercover…


cover up the truth and keep a lid on reality so those who are none the wiser can be controlled and led to believe anything the intelligent agencies want them to believe and what the puppets want you to follow…


demonising the ultimate truth and waging war against those who refuse do bow down to the devils will…every man’s vote of support puts the devil in the masterminds chair…drunk on power with a taste of living a life of luxury classed as an heir to the throne… Joke :D …Know this my blood thirsty friends…Allah is the King Of Kings

Barack Obama,

if by me mentioning the devil outright makes it hard for you to believe a word I’m saying…I won’t apologise my invisible other for understanding the world we live in differently…parallel worlds…although I was born to be led into a world of delusion too…lost amongst the debris of man-made legacies…


no different in culture and the secret societies today’s generations are led to abide by…greed…power…wealth is the only hunger the devil strives for…Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz…life is one expensive joyride


even peace means waging war…
every finger American governments have in the pie according to the Israeli’s interests…people are dying…


in my eyes my dear you can all keep planet earth…once you have stumbled out through the darkness seeking the light…your heart holds on tight to the rope of Allah…like your soul’s life in this world depends upon it…praying for guidance to be shown the straight pathway home


Our next story in our line up of news…Ukraine…to be continued

american pie…american pie…american pie…american pie

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